S.P.A.M. builds FIRST teams in our community, Martin County, FL. We volunteer and coach FLL and FTC teams so more students have a natural progression to FRC. Many team members coach teams and volunteer at events to support the growth of these young robotics students.

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Demos are our way of showing how cool robots are to people who may have never seen them. Through demos, we spread awareness of FIRST; we share information on how to join an FLL, FTC, or FRC team; and we raise money for S.P.A.M. It also gives us an excuse to drive the robot in the off-season…

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Camp In A Box is a summer camp curriculum we created to share with other FIRST teams and organizations. It serves the dual purpose of providing an effective and sustainable fundraiser for other teams while also creating an outreach program to raise awareness and appreciation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). S.P.A.M. has shared CIAB around the world and piloted it in India, The Philippines, Colombia, Brazil, and Honduras.

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During the Martin County Fair, S.P.A.M. leads the STEM Building activities by demonstrating our robots, sharing information about FIRST programs and STEM, and helping other presenters with their exhibits. This 12-day event allows our team to reach a unique audience of the 76,000 fair-goers who pass by the booths.

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S.P.A.M. looks forward to expanding our role at the Stuart Air Show where we will move from a single robot exhibit to a full weekend of hosting a booth.  There we will share the message of FIRST with students at this unique family event.

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